Reyhaneh Parnian

i am 16 (a minor).

i am a high school math student.

i am usually either studying or sleeping.

i do not do anything else.

i usually read books, study random things, or sleep when im free.

i am interested in anything math and am planning to do a compsci-related degree in college.

i amm learning how to write silly little codes.

i also love painting and have took painting classes for a few years.

i stopped my classes. shout out to my teacher though.

i am not good at taking selfies. just not my thing.

i have a great music taste but i also love to gatekeep music.

i have a detailed résumé on my academic life if you are into that sort of thing.

here are some of the projects i have gotten done for now.

i do not really talk to people unless i am forced to do so.

i also hate my sister❤️‍🔥 (the older one).

leave me alone.

#shadow-root (open)